Opening late....

April 03, 2016

Just a heads up, due to an off site event we will be opening slightly later on Monday April 4th. We hope to be open within an hour of our regular time (1-1:30pm approx) and will definitely be open for our afterschool program. Need an answer before then? Use our contact form below, we will be checking our email frequently.

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March Break Madness

March 13, 2016

March Break is finally here! For students, that means no school for a whole week; for parents, that means keeping your kids occupied for a whole week. Wondering what to do to keep your children busy? We've got you covered! We are open early from 10-6 all week, and we have a great new sign so you don't miss us. To make your time even better, we have a bunch of different deals going on each day this week. Click the link below for more information.

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Family Day Holiday

February 15, 2016

If you're looking for a warm activity today to celebrate Family Day, we are OPEN! Join us from 10-6pm for some creative family fun.  

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