Offering Art Kits to Create at Home with local pick up & Delivery

Synagogue Groups

Are you looking for a creative event option for your Synagogue? We have lots to choose from! We have worked with many local synagogues for fun events for the entire community to youth groups and more.

We are happy to change items or instructions so that guests can make items with more of a religious aspect to them if preferred, or you can go with the fun options we provide standard to all non profit groups below.

Some popular religious projects we have done recently include:

  • Mezuzah pottery painting $10/artist
  • Havdalah sets for those preparing for bar/bat mitzvah (pottery painting) $50/artist (includes kiddish cup, spice box and candle holder each)
  • Menorah pottery painting, price varies by size
  • Sedar plate (pottery painting), $25/artist
  • Shalom Plaques (pottery painting)
  • Masks (pottery painting)
  • Clay Menorahs