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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is Glaze Craze?
A. We are a do it yourself art studio, where you can walk-in and paint your own pottery, make some glass fused jewelry, learn how to use the pottery wheel/work with clay, paint a canvas/wood board or schedule a clay class, party or special event. We also have camps! Most options are available as a walk-in art experience, but some such as the pottery wheel we highly recommend a class first before trying it on your own.

Q. Do I need an appointment to come in and create?
A. Nope, Just come on in whenever we are open. We suggest giving yourself at least an hour before we close, (you will need a minimum of 1-2 hours generally). You will notice on our business hours page that most days we have 2 closing times are listed. Our last seating is the earlier time and we will close if we do not have artists in store. If we do have painters, we will stay until they finish or the later time. When you arrive, you can pick from any of our hundreds of pieces and create on the spot, no reservation needed. You can also try glass fusing, canvas painting, glass painting, and clay building without an appointment.

Q. Do I need to be an artist to do anything in your shop?
A. Nope, There is no experience required. We have lots of stencils, stamps, idea books and very helpful staff that will show you all the tricks of the trade to make a beautiful piece that you can show off to others! It's a lot easier then you think to create artwork that looks professional, but also keep in mind that there is no such thing as perfection in art. It's all about the experience and the memories or story behind it.

Q. Can I eat out of my pottery and glass?

A. Yes, you can eat out of our pottery and glass, we are a lead free studio and all our products are non-toxic. We do have certain paints that are purely decorative but they are well labeled and are still non-toxic, just not food safe.

Q. Can it be put it in the dishwasher or microwave?
A. Some of our manufacturers would say that you should not put your pottery in either.  Mostly because it can cause stress to your artwork which could lead to cracking or chipping.  We tend to live on the edge, and have been known to put pottery in both appliances (although strangely enough we have broken more hand washing than in the dishwasher), but hey, we own a pottery shop and can make new ones any time we want. If you want to keep your pottery in pristine shape we would suggest you skip the appliances. If you have used our specialty gold paint, it does contain real 24 Carat Gold which would prevent use in the microwave completely.

Q. Is this a good activity for kids?
A. Definitely! Children of all ages, including infants are welcome and can participate as much as anyone else! You can put your baby's feet, or your children's hand prints on a platter, a vase or a coffee mug. Even the youngest child likes to play with brushes, sponges and paints. Finger painting on pieces (preferably not on employees) is allowed and encouraged :)
The paints will rinse off the kids and their clothes and all surfaces in store with water no matter how long its been dry for. And if a paint brush gets put in a mouth, while it may not be a pleasant experience and we wouldn't recommend it, there won't be any harm in it.

Q.How much does it cost?
A. We have smaller items such as Magnets/Jewellery that range from $2-$6, however our kids figurines start around $17 currently. Mugs for example however range from $21-48 depending on the size and style. Our most expensive item is our wedding signature platters at around $150. On average the majority of pieces in store range from $20-35 however.

Q. Can I bring a group with me?
A. Of course! The more the merrier. However larger groups of 8 or more may want to call to make a reservation just to ensure we have space. Smaller groups are welcomed any time. We also encourage bringing friends to our classes! Bring 1 friend with you to any of our canvas workshops and get your class half price! Bring 3 friends and your class fee is FREE!

Q. Where do you send our pottery to be baked/fired?
A. We send it all the way to our back room! We have 2 kilns that fire almost every day on site.

Q. Umm.. if it only goes to the back room, why does it take 1 week to get it back??
A. Well, after you leave your pottery or glass with us, we let it dry overnight (even the glass glue takes a while). Then, we dip all pottery pieces in a clear glaze (this makes it shiny and food safe) and let it dry overnight again. Moisture is not a friend to the kiln so we need to make sure everything is completely dry. Next it waits its turn to go into the kiln. We do different types of firing (baking) every night, kind of like you wouldn't cook a pot roast and cupcakes at the same time, as glass and pottery need different temperatures. So some nights its glass, pottery, clay, etc. The kiln is like a big oven and it takes around 13 hours or so to heat up to 1826-2400 degrees. Then the kiln slowly cools down... between 10-12 hours depending on how tightly we have packed it. Next we unload the kiln and each piece has to be ground on the bottom to remove sharp marks. Pieces sit on metal points/stilts in the kiln to prevent it from gluing itself to the shelf, and they leave sharp marks that must be removed. Then we package it up, give you a call and voila, its ready to pick it up! It's quite the process and adventure your piece experiences before you get it back.

Q. Can I bring food or drinks with me?
A. Yes, Feel free to bring some healthy snacks with you. We have a limited snack bar on site, and if you need something more there is a Tim Hortons and McDonalds next door to us. However we do ask that no peanut or tree nut products are brought into the store as we are a nut free facility. And greasy foods such as pizza, cake and chips are only permitted in our pre-booked party room as greasy fingers will cause problems with paint on our pottery.

Q. Do you plan birthdays and other parties?
A. Absolutely. We have the most creative parties around. We can accommodate parties large and small. You bring the the guests and we provide the fun. You get the use of our private party room, our wonderful staff and everything you'll need to create your own masterpiece. See our party pages under the adult or kids links above for more information. We can accommodate your group for whatever reason you have to gather, and for all ages as well! Have a HUGE group that won't fit in the store, no problem! We can always come to any place you need us that has the space. We have worked with hundreds of kids/adults with school and non profits groups.

Q. Can you come to me at my school/office/party?
A. Yes! We go to schools, restaurants, hospitals (think baby prints!), businesses, parks. Plan it indoors or out...we love to party, and any excuse to get out and about! Contact us for our to-go parties, one of our staff members can come and run a party wherever you are. For sleepover parties or events that timing is inappropriate for us to visit, we have To-Go Baskets available with video instructions and hand outs to make it easy.

Q. Do you have any fundraising opportunities available for school groups or any other organization looking for a creative new way to raise funds?
A. Yes! We have several options available. Whether you want something for an auction or need to raise funds, we can help. Ask us for details or check out the fundraising/community link above.

Q. What about teaching clay in school?
A. We have several options for schools to suit all budgets. Whether you want us to provide the instruction, or teach your staff for on going clay classes or kiln use. We also have all the supplies you need at discounted school rates.

Q. My hand writing stinks... will you paint words on my pottery for me?
A. Yes, we would be happy to help. Our talented staff paint words for $1.00 each and all the money goes to the charity we are currently supporting (which changes monthly).

Q. I'm not creative, will you paint a piece for me?
A. Yes would love to help you out. Contact us with what you're needing so we can quote properly.

Q. I have this antique piece I got somewhere else and it needs to be repaired, can you do it?
A. We are a busy studio and we don't like taking anything that could be described as antique or irreplaceable. We can glue pieces back together for you if needed, but we cannot usually bake it since there are so many different types of pottery out there that bake at different temperatures (we don't want yours to turn into a pool of pottery on our kiln shelf). We use Weldbond glue for pottery and E6000 for glass repairs (both are available at most craft stores like Michaels or even Home Depot if you want to try yourself). We highly recommend using an enamel paint to touch up the paint/finish after gluing such as nail polish, car paint or hobby enamels. Glue is NOT FOOD SAFE, but it can restore a piece for decorative and sentimental purposes.

Q. Do staff get to paint all the time??
A. Sadly, no, we are just too busy to do much painting. Samples are made as needed for workshops we are offering or if samples need replacing, but its a really fun job without the painting, so we love it for other reasons!