Glass Fusion

The Hardest Part Is Choosing Your Project!

Glass Fusion is the art of stacking glass (similair to stained glass but without the leading). Your design is created by layering colourful shapes of glass onto a project base. Kiln firing melts those layers together for a smooth finish.

Walk-in any time we are open, no appointment needed (although we do suggest no less than 1 hour before we close)! Pick a project to create from limit-less possibilities. You can create items such as night lights, sun catchers, jewellery, plates/bowls, candle holders, message boards, and so much more. We have free Wifi and a great Pinterest page to help you get those ideas rolling and helpful staff to make it easier. Pick your colourful glass and get started (we have safety glasses, gloves and more so everyone can participate)!

Most projects are priced by size, starting at $20, although we have several projects that include hardware and are priced by the project (including all parts). The costs include everything but tax and shaping in the price of the piece chosen (shaping is a second firing that slumps what could have been a flat coaster into a curved bowl). NO extra Studio Fees!

Once you have finished your artwork, leave it with us and we will fire it in our kiln (essentially a really big oven that reaches over 1400 degrees). Items will be ready in approx 7-10 days, so make sure to allow plenty of time if you're making a gift for someone.

No experience necessary!