Pottery Painting

Choosing your pottery is the hardest part!

Walk-in any time we are open, no appointment needed (although we do suggest no less than 1 hour before we close)! Pick a piece to create from hundreds of items from dinnerware to banks, boxes, frames, and so much more (we have seasonal items too!). We have free Wifi and a great Pinterest page to help you get those ideas rolling and hundreds of stencils, stamps, samples, and helpful staff to make it easier. Pick your paint colours and get started (all our materials are non-toxic, lead-free, food safe and non-staining, perfect for the little ones)! We have almost 120 paints to choose just for pottery alone; including our specialty glazes which make you an instant professional artist.

The costs include everything but tax in the price of the piece chosen (tools, brushes, paints, glazes, firing, etc) to make it a finished piece. NO extra Studio Fees! Pieces start from only $12!

Once you have finished your artwork, leave it with us and we will fire it in our kiln (essentially a really big oven that reaches over 2000 degrees). Items will be ready in approx 7 days, so make sure to allow plenty of time if you're making a gift for someone.

No experience necessary!