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6 Week Pottery Wheel Group Class, Level I


*We are currently re-imagining our clay classes due to Covid**

If you would like to be notified when we have clay class options again, please make sure to join our frequent fire club at the bottom of the page.

A six-session pre-scheduled group class to learn how to use the pottery wheel more extensively than with our one-session class.

This is the first 6-week beginner session we offer with more advance options in later classes (different projects between each). We alternate which class is offered, so they can be taken consecutively.

Max 6 people per class (we only have 6 wheels currently), please note that each session does fill quickly due to the limited size. All tools/materials needed are included. This is for teens and adults only.

Six week Beginner Lesson is set up as follows:

Class 1: 1.5 hours*. Includes a demonstration, and instructed time on the wheel to practice techniques.

Classes 2-5: 1.5 hours* Instructed time on the wheel. As skills improve more skills will be taught. In this class projects/techniques include: plates (throwing on a bat/board), Ring Dishes, and Miniatures/Throwing off the hump (production pottery technique), etc.

Class 6: 2 weeks after the 5th class to allow time for drying and firing. This is a Painting Session only, time varies. Paint/decorate up to 6 pieces made in earlier classes (must be completed in 1 session). Painting techniques will be taught. Once finished, painted pottery will be ready for pick up in approx 1 week.

*Clean up/washing (ie maintenance and proper care) of your wheel is part of the class, please allow 15-20 mins for clean up after the end of each class.

Price listed is per person. Please change the quantity to the number of people attending to ensure enough wheels are reserved. Payment must be made in full at time of booking to hold the pottery wheels for your group. Listed class price is guaranteed if booked 3 or more days in advance, last-minute bookings, if possible, may incur additional fees to accommodate. 

To see the intermediate 6 week class click here:

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