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6 Week Pottery Wheel Private Class

*We are currently re-imagining our clay classes due to Covid**

If you would like to be notified when we have clay class options again, please make sure to join our frequent fire club at the bottom of the page.

A six-session pre-scheduled group class to learn how to use the pottery wheel more extensively than with our one-session class.

Schedule your own private class here. All 6 classes can be scheduled by you and do not need to be held weekly or on a regular schedule, however, all 6 must be completed within a 2 month/60 day time frame. Max 6 people (we only have 6 wheels), and all participants must be paid in full to hold your spot. All tools/materials needed are included.

Six session lesson is set up as follows:

Class 1: 1.5 hours*. Includes a demonstration, and instructed time on the wheel to practice techniques.

Class 2-5: 1.5 hours*. Instructed time on the wheel. As skills improve more techniques/projects will be taught. See details below for skill level projects included.

Class 6: 2 weeks after the 5th class to allow time for drying and firing. This is a Painting Session only, time varies. Paint/decorate up to 6 pieces made in earlier classes (must be completed in 1 session). Painting techniques will be taught. Once finished, painted pottery will be ready for pick up in approx 1 week.

*Clean up/washing (ie maintenance and proper care) of your wheel is part of the class, please allow 15-20 mins for clean up after the end of each class.

Select the date/time and number of people attending and add to cart. Payment must be made in full for all participants at the time of booking to hold the pottery wheels for your group.

Listed class price is guaranteed if booked 7 or more days in advance, last-minute bookings, if possible, may incur additional fees to accommodate. 


We have 3 class options to choose from which have different projects you will be taught. If you have not worked on the wheel before, we highly recommend starting with the beginner course. Refunds/credits will not be given to overachievers who skip to the intermediate or advanced classes before they are ready.

Beginner Level includes additional projects/techniques such as plates (throwing on a bat/board), ring dishes, and miniatures (throwing off the hump), etc.

Intermediate Level includes additional projects/techniques such as pulling handles/mugs, Candleholders, chip and dip bowls (1 piece), wine glass stems/cake stands and throwing with 2 different colours of clay, etc.

Advanced Level, 7 sessions, includes additional projects/techniques such as trimming, bottles, learning how to work with Stoneware and Porcelain Clays, handles, lids, sgraffito, carving, inlays and more. Final Project will be to create a teapot (body, handle, spout and lid, with optional tea set to match). The class schedule for the advanced class is different from the others. Class 1 and 2 must be within 24-48 hours of each other, as must classes 3/4 and classes 5/6. Please read the description on our group advanced class to get the full breakdown by clicking the link below.