After School Enrichment Program

This program is a flexible education enhancement tailored to your creative child’s interests in arts and crafts.

The program is designed as a full year program with convenience in mind. Students are expected to attend a 1 hour session per week on 1 of 2 evenings (Monday or Tuesday) between 4:30-6pm. The day and start time can change from week to week to fit your schedule, no notice required. Payment is by post dated cheque or credit card for the first of each month.

Each week your child will participate in a range of activities that increase their skill and knowledge within the arts and crafts field in a fun and exciting way. Activities they will learn will include the various methods of building with raw clay including coil building, pinch pot sculpting and slab building techniques. Also featured is the pottery wheel, this fun technique is not as easy as it looks and is a great exercise in hand/eye coordination. Other activities include (but are not limited to) Glass Fusing (the art of stacking glass), drawing/sketching, canvas painting, beading and more.

This Program is designed to introduce and explore various mediums and techniques through out the entire school year, complementing your child’s education and culminating in an end of the year art show.

Program Runs: September-June, starting Monday Sept 12th for 2016/17 school year.

When: Monday or Tuesdays Time: 1 hour, drop off between 4:30-6pm, Studio Closes at 7pm

Cost: $59/month (that's LESS then $15 per week) Full year enrollment recommended or by semester, with payment made in advance by post dated cheque (dated for the first of each month) or pre-authorized credit card.

Not sure it's right for your child? We are happy to offer 1 month with no commitment. Use coupon code "trial10" to save 10% on your first month.


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