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Clay Sculpting For Large Volume Events (Deposit)

Payment for this option online is a deposit only (non-refundable). Packages start at $250.

Want to do more then just paint? Make something ONE OF A KIND from raw clay! Our trained staff can give your group their own mini pottery lesson so they can make AND paint a unique piece! Our instructor will show everyone the techniques needed to make the project of choice. We recommended this activity for ages 7 & up due to the manual dexterity and sometimes strength needed to manipulate the clay.

We have no minimum for our non-profit rates if you visit us in store during our regular hours on weekdays. Outside of our regular hours, we ask for a minimum of 12 people. If you plan to visit us on a weekend we have a minimum of $250 required to reserve the party room (holds up to 24 people) due to other party bookings. If we are coming to you, we have a $300 minimum for off site events. If you can't reach these minimums we have other options to make it work for your group, so please contact us for more details!

*If we are traveling to you, please contact us to discuss which projects will work best for your group. Age and how complex the project will affect how well we are able to transport finished pieces for firing.

Clay pieces have a 2-3 week turn around before they can be taken home due to the drying process and multiple baking/firings. We unfortunately cannot speed up this process for any situation. If you are from a Camp or will not be able to return the finished pieces to participants when they will be ready, we are happy to offer pick up in store or to deliver them to another location.

We include wrapping in cello and ribbon for all finished pieces. Names of each participant and a $10 gift certificate will be attached to each item for easy distribution.

Plaque Party: $14/per artist

From name plaques to characters or animals, kids can make any flat plaque project they can think of. Popular character currently is Olaf!

Pinch Pot Monsters/Animals Party: $14/per artist

Kids will learn how to make pinch pots and turn them into 3D creatures of their choosing.

Plates/Bowls Party: $14/per artist

Make some decorative dishes for home, whether you want to use them for food, or just for paperclips/jewellery. Kids will learn coiling and slab work to create something functional.

3D Characters Party: $18/artist

Kids will make 3D hollow forms to create their favorite characters or animals. Popular shapes have included minions, angry birds, hello kitty, etc. Due to the added difficulty of this activity, we recommend it for kids ages 9+


*Deposit is non-refundable. We will honour it as store credit if cancellation is made no later then 24 hours prior to the event. We are happy to reschedule if needed.