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Clay Lanterns Workshop

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Learn how to make a spooky lantern for decorating this fall. It will be created in full at the class and can be painted the same day or left to be fired and painted approx 2 weeks later (and taken home a week after that). All supplies/tools and firings are included.

*This is only 1 of several designs possible. A Jackolantern is the easiest but Frankenstein, Mummies and more are possible. :)

This is an in-studio socially distanced class on October 3 at 11 am due to limited and specific tools needed that cannot go home for an online kit.

We currently have 4 tables that meet social distance requirements, so have limited sign up based on that. This is only a deposit to hold your table of up to 4 people. If only 1 person attends there is no additional cost, and additional attendees can pay at the event.

This class is recommended for ages 12+