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Clay Take Home/Online Class Kit

Looking to create your own art from scratch? Our kits are designed to help you with some time filling art therapy. We are madly creating video classes right now for our social media/youtube pages to give you inspiration and assistance in creating something to be proud of.

Not all of our clay kits are designed to be fired twice (we want to keep some cheaper options for those on a budget), which means if you plan to make something you need to be food-safe (ie mug/plate), please contact us first (we are working on updating this page currently with these options).

The current kit shown is for 3/4 lb clay, a basic tool kit, and includes the first firing. All delivery options include delivery and pick up for firing (2 trips).

This will allow it to be painted with acrylic paints (not included with the initial kit as it requires firing first). To make it food-safe, an additional paint kit would need to be purchased that will include the second firing, speciality clay paint required and a brush rental.

If you wish to paint with acrylics, while we are happy to provide the paints at no extra cost with this kit, the second delivery and the brushes are not included free (although we will do our best to keep it as inexpensive as possible for you).  If you are able to do curbside pick up for the painting kit and have your own brushes, there is no extra cost.

We have a set of 3 brushes (that you can purchase and keep forever) or you can rent brushes (deposit only). Acrylic paints will ruin our brushes so at this time we are not providing brush rentals for take-home kits using acrylic, but we have sourced the best brushes we can for the lowest price to let you keep them.

Should you purchase this kit it will need to be returned to Glaze Craze for firing (as mentioned above) once you have finished your creation. Please contact us regarding the return of pieces (our delivery costs include pick up for firing, curbside drop off that is contactless can be arranged). It will take 2 weeks to dry after making (this can happen at home or at the studio depending on when it comes back to us), but we will typically give it 1 week to dry minimum upon its return to ensure it is safe to fire and about 7-10 days to fire before it will be ready to paint as we are not running clay loads as often during this time.

Order... Create... Call... Repeat! Delivery of finished items is included FREE with the purchase of any new kit.*

Watch our classes on Youtube here.

*Some restrictions may apply. Packaging, paint colours, and projects can vary.