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Glass Fusing For Large Volume Events (Deposit)

Payment for this option online is a deposit only (non-refundable).

Glass fusing is like nothing you have done before. It gives amazing results that any artist can be proud of. Design and build with the assistance of our staff. We fire/bake it in the kiln and attach the finishing touches before pick up! We recommend this activity for ages 10 and up due to the fragile nature of the glass and the fact that most of the time spent is for designing, not building (ie a good attention span is needed). It is an excellent activity for teens and adults too!

If you have a younger group that really wants to do a glass project we have an alternative (see the picture of the blue bowl & coaster with stars). Participants only handle 1 piece of glass and will be painting instead. It's much easier and still provides the beautiful glass result everyone wants. Most projects work with this technique with the exception of glass letters.

We have no minimum for non-profit or school groups if you visit us in store during our regular hours on weekdays. Outside of our regular hours, we ask for a minimum of 12 people. If you plan to visit us on a weekend we have a minimum of $200 required to reserve the party room (holds up to 24 people) due to other party bookings. If we are coming to you, we have a $300 minimum for off-site events. If you can't reach these minimums we have other options to make it work for your group, so please contact us for more details!

Glass pieces have a 1-2 week turn around before they can be taken home (most will be within 1 week, however, shaped items like our ring dishes may take longer). If you are from a camp and only have your participants Mon-Fri, please contact us so we can discuss what we can do to make it work for your group.

We include wrapping in cello and ribbon for all finished pieces. Names of each participant and a $10 gift certificate will be attached to each item for easy distribution.

Sun Catchers/Coasters: $12/per artist

Includes a 4" Square project, foam feet for coasters and glass hooks for sun catchers (added by staff after the party)

Jewellery: $14/per artist

Includes 2 pieces of jewellery (ie, pendant and a pair of earrings), which can consist of necklace pendants, earrings (hooks or studs), pins, or magnets. A metal finding (bail) is included for all pieces, and up to 1 colourful suede necklace (if pendants are made).

Night Lights: $20/per artist

Includes a 3"x4" Glass piece and electrical hardware (plug/bulb) to make it a functional night light ready to use. Staff will attach the hardware after firing so there is no assembly required.

Glass Critters: $15/per artist

Guests make a glass fused critter body and design the bendable wire legs/antenna that will be attached in the kiln. Bugs can cling to screen doors, desk lamps, etc. So cute!

Glass Ring Dish: $16/person

Guests will make a 3 inch slumped (shaped) ring dish, perfect for nik naks, and jewellery. Price includes the second firing (baking) to give it shape.

Glass Letters: $14/person

Starting with a clear base, guests can choose their colours and create a glass fused mosaic letter. Letters can be plaques or given a hanger (ie sun catcher/plaque).


*Deposit is non-refundable. We will honour it as store credit if cancellation is made no later then 24 hours prior to the event. We are happy to reschedule if needed.