Offering Art Kits to Create at Home with local pick up & Delivery

Social Distancing Party Take Home Kit

Have someone in your home celebrating a birthday? We know it's a difficult time, but we have a social distancing approved party solution!

We will host the party online and you can provide all guests with the link and password to attend at the scheduled time/day. We can arrange delivery of the party kits to all the guests in advance (if needed). We can also help deliver any other treats you may want to include for everyone and can arrange to work with local bakeries for cupcakes and other goodies to save you a delivery fee).

At the scheduled time our staff will host/instruct the activity and help everyone complete it, advise on how to fix mistakes, etc. We will then step back to let the birthday child be front and centre while you sing happy birthday and enjoy each others company/treats/etc. You will get a digital copy of the event to keep forever.

After we can arrange to pick up all of the pieces for firing (if applicable), and we will contact you to discuss the finished pieces and how/when they will be distributed.

Please know we are operating above full social distancing requirements and are completely contactless and working solo so even our staff are not in contact with each other.

*The price below includes up to 6 kits. If delivery is chosen at check out the price only includes 1 location. Additional kits can be purchased for groups over 6 people as well as delivery/pick up for each kit to each household (we will email you a custom invoice if needed). Within reason, we will not charge for pick up of extras to distribute with the kits (ie cupcakes, loot bags, etc).

Cost to Deliver kits individually will vary depending on guest locations, but note we will not be charging anything more then it actually costs us to do this. If you would like a quote please send us a list of addresses so we can map it out and be as accurate as possible.


Free porch pick-up options available near Promenade mall/Thornhill, Fairbank Memorial Park (Dufferin/Eglington), near Clanton Park (Bathurst/Wilson) and of course at Glaze Craze.