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Portfolio Development Clay Hand Sculpting Class


*We are currently re-imagining our clay classes due to Covid**

If you would like to be notified when we have clay class options again, please make sure to join our frequent fire club at the bottom of the page.

Are you applying to an art program and need a 3D piece for your portfolio? Due to demand, we are offering a specialized class for those needing assistance with this portfolio requirement. This class will allow you to build larger than our regular "try it" sculpting class and provide instruction based on your portfolio needs.

This is a 2-hour class, although you may not need the entire time, however, some may need longer (you are welcome to return to complete the project another day as needed and additional clay can be purchased).

Price listed is per person. This class is designed for young adults applying to an arts high school or university/college program, younger kids will not be permitted.

Our instructor will begin with a demonstration showing techniques and assist everyone in getting started, discussing what requirements each student needs to meet for their program (please make sure to bring any details on the requirements you have been given). Students will work solo however the instructor will be checking in on everyone individually and teaching throughout.

Up to 2lbs of clay will be included as well as a second visit to paint approx 2-3 weeks later. You are welcome to come in any time we are open to paint, it will not be an instructed time but staff will be available to explain what you need to know about our special fire on paints. Pick up of the finished piece will be 1 week after painting approx, however, if you have a deadline you need it by please let us know when/before booking to ensure we can get it to you on time.