WE are now OPEN for In Studio Painting!

Teen Canvas Take Home Kits

Choose from hundreds of designs we offer in-store. An 11x14 Canvas or 16x20 canvas is included. It will come with the design pre-traced on it for easy painting, brushes and selection of paints. Choose from the recommended colours for the design chosen or a standard rainbow of colours including Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Black and Glitter (with instructions on how to mix and create orange, green, purple, pink and grey from the provided colours).

We will be in contact within 24 hours of you placing your order to confirm any remaining details such as the design you want, and how we will be getting it to you (curbside pick up, delivery, etc). We apologize that we cannot put the full catalogue of designs online fast enough currently but would be happy to video chat with you to show as many as possible before or after purchase.

The brushes and paint kit included with your kit are yours to keep.