Fathers Day is coming....

It's 1 month till Fathers Day. Like Mothers day, we have lots of projects that can go home the same day, but here are the cut off dates to keep in mind for gift making with our other options.

Clay prints (imprints into clay or any clay project in general): last day to build your project is May 29th. If you think you will need multiple days to build your project, this is the last day to finish it, (ie the clay can start drying and preparing to bake).

Pottery Painting Gifts: Official Day is June 12th, there may be last minute firings up till June 16th, but it will be based on the volume we have already waiting to fire.

Glass Fusing Gifts: Official Day is June 12th, and like pottery, volumes will determine if we can accommodate after this date.

Canvas Painting, Glass Painting, & Glass Etching: For you truly last minute artists, these can all go home the same day.

Is Dad the artist? Gift Certificates: Available in any amount and any day.

And if you just can't make it before Fathers day, don't forget that you can always bring Dad in to create with you instead. June 19th is a great day to relax and be creative with him and the rest of the family.

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