Delivery of kits is suspended until June 13th, local pick up in Thornhill only

About Us

Glaze Craze is a small independent local and family owned and operated store. We are not a franchise. We pride ourselves in supporting our community and providing the best products and service that we can. Are you having a fundraiser?  Ask us for a donation! Need volunteer hours to graduate high school?  Let us see what we can do.  We have had many CO-OP partners over the years from local schools and have worked very closely with both adult and youth community programs. We will always help if we can…. but we can’t say YES if you don't ASK!!!

A little bit more about us....

Karin Lickers, owner of Glaze Craze, was a youth entrepreneur and Graduate of York University (BA) with a Major in Visual Arts, Sheridan College (Certificate) in Fine Art/Animation, and The Ontario College Of Art and Design (BDes) with a major in Ceramics & minors in jewellery and photography.

Sometimes it's obvious what you were meant to do in life. Ask Karin's mother, and she will show you a picture of her at the age of 3 standing in their front yard covered in clay with a huge smile on her face, loving every minute of it. From there, supported by friends and family she has succeeded in following her passion.

Prior to owning Glaze Craze and while putting herself through school; Karin was the owner of Ambiguous Designs, a company she created to sell her own hand made pottery and jewellery through local trade shows and stores. She has been lucky enough to incorporate her skills/knowledge and passions into Glaze Craze to not only provide a better quality product to her customers but to teach and hopefully expose those without the same opportunities in art, to learn and grow as artists in their own right.

You can find Karin at the Richmond Hill Location most days, or hosting many of the off-site events that we offer. Feel free to contact her or any of her helpful staff.

Mission Statement:

Here at Glaze Craze we are looking to start a trend. Yes, we wanted to make a profit but not at any cost. We wanted to create a company that treats its staff, suppliers and customers with fairness and honesty. And more than that, we wanted to become known for it.

We value our staff.
They are the ‘face’ of our company. They make our service what it is. It costs nothing to smile and be helpful but the difference it makes is beyond measure. It is what sets us apart from big box stores and even our smaller competition. We’re fun, friendly and relaxed.  People feel like they know us and we know them as more than a customer.  This is what will make us successful and stand out from the rest!

We’re proud of our store.
We want our store to be fun and exciting. We want it to be relaxing and a pleasure to be in. After all, we’d like everyone to come back.

We know what value is.
We realize pottery and glass are not the cheapest entertainment options out there, but we want to provide the lowest price we can while still giving the best value and quality for your money. Lots of stores seem to have a sale on all the time (which makes you wonder if their product really is such a bargain). Instead, we make sure that our prices are as low as they can be all year round. There are times when we still need to clear older pieces out or our suppliers pass on special savings to us, but it’s hard to slash prices that are already outstanding value.

We’re dedicated to good design.
We are constantly on the lookout for new ideas. Some of them don’t make it to the studio floor, but plenty does. And we always welcome ideas from everyone on how we can become even better or just more fun than we already are.