School is back... So we are on vacation!

As many of you who have children know, the first week back to school is a hectic one as you get back into routines. Its typically been a very slow week for us in store, and after working all summer its time we took our vacation. So as we have in many past years, we will be closed for 5 days starting on Labor Day (ie Monday to Friday). We will be open on the Saturday/Sunday before and after this closure. We will be on Summer Hours for the Labor Day weekend (Sept 5/6) but will switch back to our regular hours after Labor day starting on the 12th. If your not sure what the difference is, see the link called "Business Hours" under the Home tab above.

Unlike past years we will also be closed the following Monday September 14th as we are attending school ourselves. We will be meeting up with many of our fellow pottery studio owners from all over Ontario to learn from each other (it's a rather friendly industry we are lucky to be a part of). We hope to learn lots and be able to bring it back and share it all with you.

*For those of you joining us for our After School Program this year, our first session will be Tuesday September 15th.

**If your looking to sign up for a class, book a party or join any of the fun activities we have running this fall, please feel free to use our website to sign up anytime, but especially during our closure. We will be checking email while we are away to answer any questions you may have, but unfortunately will not be able to check our phone messages.

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