It's Wednesday "slump" day! We are Open!

It's Wednesday "slump" day! We are Open!

Have you ever tried glass fusing before? If not, today is your day. It's super easy (I'm talking easier than painting pottery) and you get gorgeous professional results. Your friends won't believe you when you show off your artwork!

Glass fusing is the art of stacking coloured pieces of sheet glass (that you cut or you can use our pre-cut glass) and then we melt it together. All shaped glass projects made today get a free second firing which we call a "slump" firing. This essentially shapes your flat piece into a bowl, plate, candle holder, message board, etc.

We are open 10-6/7pm today so make sure to come in and take advantage! (That / means our last seating is at 6pm, and we will close if no one is in store, but we will stay late till 7pm for artists that arrive before 6pm).

Happy Hour runs from 12-1pm as usual!

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