Last Chance For Holiday Gifts

Last Chance For Holiday Gifts

It's officially the last minute for gift making if you want to get them fired and back in time. While it is already too late for Hannukah Gifts (atleast for the first few nights), we are coming up to the deadline for Christmas gifts too.

This Thursday evening is our last day that we will guarantee items fired and returned for Dec 23rd/24th. Items must be returned to one of our local pick up locations or have a scheduled pick up before 9pm on the 15th.

As always, we will do our best to get items returned to us after that date fired in time, but due to the size of our kilns and the volume there is to fire, we can't guarantee anything.

What to do if you know your artwork won't be ready in time? This is a common issue we deal with year round, and we have some suggestions.

First you can always hold onto your unfired artwork so you can gift it as is (because it's always nicer to have the physical item to wrap up), and then return it to us for firing afterwards.

And secondly, if you just want it fired as fast as possible we recommend taking a picture of your artwork and including it in a card saying "You have a masterpiece currently being fired just for you"

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