March Break Madness Continues....

March Break Madness Continues....

 It is my favorite daily deal, Twisted Tuesday! Have you ever wanted to play with real clay before? Now is your chance to do it super cheap. 

Come in and create/sculpt with clay and it's half price* today, that's right, 50% off! Whether you want to make a plaque, mug or something completely your own, the sky is the limit for your creativity.

Just a bit of advice for those of you who are new to clay. If the pottery wheel is what you really want to try, we don't have any scheduled classes today and while they are available to rent, we HIGHLY recommend a class before trying it on your own. While it's lots of fun, a bit messy and on many bucket lists, it really isn't as easy as it looks on youtube videos. :)

For those of you wanting to come in that would prefer one of our other activities, our regular happy hour special from 12pm-1pm on all weekdays is still in effect. Be in store during this time and your projects are Buy One, Get One-Half Price!

We are open at 10am with last seating at 6pm today (we will stay until 7pm if we have artists in store, but will close at 6pm otherwise).


*Sadly this deal is not applicable to other deals we offer such as our happy hour special or towards pottery wheel classes.

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