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Our Holiday Preview Sale may be over, but the savings continue...

November 05, 2018

Our Holiday Preview Sale may be over, but the savings continue...

While our holiday preview sale has ended, we have one last item we want to give you a holiday head start on. The famous Ceramic Christmas Tree.

Almost everyone out there has a relative or friend that made one years ago, and now they are a hot vintage item that we sell out of almost every year. Once they are gone, they are gone as our suppliers/manufacturers also sell out quickly. If you are looking to make one this season, pre-order yours today at over 30% off because this sale and quantities won't last forever!

Order yours by clicking here now

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We have Closed To Walk Ins Again

October 03, 2020

Due to rising Covid numbers and some internal restructuring (so we can weather Covid) we will be closing to walk ins for the near future (after October 4th). We are unsure of what our future holds in our current location, but don't worry, we are prepared to move or go mobile depending on when it needs to happen and we will survive this.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram as we will be going LIVE to sell off random things we need to clear out starting this Thursday at 6pm.

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