Trendy Thursday! We are open late tonight!

Trendy Thursday! We are open late tonight!

For those of you looking for a project that can go home the same day, or maybe you just love canvas painting, today is the day to make some fabulous wall art. The bigger you go, the better the discount!

Make any size canvas project over $25 in value and save $10. Make one over $50 and save $20! Our largest canvas in stock is 24x36, so you can make an amazing statement piece with our best canvas discount ever!

I suggest coming early so you have lots of room to work on those big pieces, but we are also open late tonight so there is lots of time to make it in for this deal.

If you're wanting to get creative but canvas just isn't your thing, make sure to get in store during our happy hour from 12-1pm (you can come earlier or stay later, but you must be in store at this time). Happy Hour deal applies EVERY weekday we are open (including on holidays) and your first 2 pieces are Buy One, Get One 1/2 Price!

*BONUS* We will have a second happy hour for March Break from 7-8pm today only!

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