We put the Fun in Fundraising! Let us do all the work....

We love to work with our community! From schools, organizations, groups, churches, and individuals, Glaze Craze has ideas to help you raise some cash for your special cause in the most fun way possible. Read below about the many ways we can support your organization and fill out the form at the bottom of the page to let us help you raise some money!

Fun-draising Parties

What’s better than a quick and easy event, one that is funsuccessful and profitable too! At Glaze Craze, we want to give back to the community that supports our business. We believe we are a unique fundraising venue because all ages and abilities are able to participate and no one needs to be left out or behind. From infant to infinity, all are welcome. You do the advertising and we provide inspiration, instruction, and mega-fun. With social media and posters, promoting your event is easy work. You're not asking people for donations or sponsorship you're asking them to come out and have a great time! Best of all, they can keep what they create and have an amazing fun time while helping you raise money!

Pottery Painting Party:

Pick a day for your event (generally best held at our studio unless it is themed like our holiday option below). Fill our studio with your family and friends and Glaze Craze will cut you a cheque for a percentage of 10-20% of all pre-tax sales! (percentage varies depending on the date chosen). A great option if you need funds quickly.

Canvas Painting Party:

Our recommended canvas classes are geared toward older children (9+) and adults (although we can do smaller projects for kids as old as 6 years, however, it will earn you less per person). Our standard pricing for a 16x20 canvas painting project is $35/person (with $10/person donated to you). To make this a profitable event, larger numbers are needed which are just not possible in the store due to space restrictions. We would suggest an off-site location of your choosing such as a school gym/cafeteria or community center. You can also increase the advertised ticket price above our standard one to increase your profits.

Holiday Painting Parties:

Our most profitable single event. Holiday painting parties allow your members, students, parishioners, etc and families to paint as many holiday items (ie ornaments, dreidels, etc) as they wish. After painting, items are brought back to the studio (custom messages can be added by us), glazed and fired. We then return them back to you in sorted individual bags for each person or classroom. We also offer programs for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Grandparent's Day with different budget-friendly projects. Get the whole organization involved and fill your local school gym or cafeteria for an evening. We set up and clean-up, all you need is to advertise the event (and depending on the volume of people anticipated possibly provide a few volunteers to handle crowds). This can be as small as one teacher's classroom, grade level or the whole school/similar group. We can provide project images on a flyer you can customize to help advertise your event too!

Commemorative Tile Wall Event:

Have your guests take their creations home or create a ‘tile wall’ mural that can be installed permanently inside your center/school to commemorate milestones, graduating classes, benefactor donations, etc.

Murals can be made of individual tiles or 1 large design for a "wow" factor. Our standard kitchen/bathroom tiles make fundraising easy work. Have everyone in your group/school/church buy and create a tile using your theme and colour selection. Tiles range from $6 (4.25") to $10 (6") for non-profit groups and schools, you can then resell them to your painters for $20-50/tile and keep the difference. That's a whole $16-40 profit per tile!  

Be Our Month Long Donation Group

Are you looking to earn the most possible? Become one of the charities that we donate to over an entire month! If chosen, this option gives the most time and flexibility to your organization to earn as much as possible.  Hand out our flyers to everyone you can, instructing them to come into Glaze Craze and have a fun day out any time during your chosen month. They must bring the flyer in with them and we will donate 15% of all walk in pre-tax sales generated (no matter what items they buy, however, it cannot apply to classes, parties or other special services unless pre-approved by us). 

No effort is needed on your part other than to spread the word/flyers that this month is your month at Glaze Craze. In the end, we will issue you a check and you can sing your way to the bank. We only choose 12 organizations a year (one per month) and at the end, we also have a contest that the group that sends the most people to us in their month will be issued a second check for the same amount as the first (essentially double) at the end of the year. This is based on the number of people, not the dollars spent.

Auction Pieces

Want that ‘wow’ factor? Glaze Craze will help you to create that one of a kind art piece. A vase, platters, bowls hundreds of items to choose from! Groups or individual supporters of your organization paint the piece(s) or do handprints or thumbprints, critters or flowers then you auction them off for an oh so amazing price! You purchase the piece, we help you make it worth big bucks with custom artwork and more at no extra cost. Great for classrooms to auction off to earn cash for your school. Every parent wants that amazing piece of art their child's class created and they will pay big $$ for it!

Charitable Donations (limited quantities available)

Are you hosting a raffle or auction and need something small to give away? While it isn't our preferred method to support organizations as the perceived value will limit what people will donate to your cause and we want to help get you more than that. We can offer a limited amount of family memberships ($175 value) to Glaze Craze to registered charities and local public schools. Due to the limited quantity, we cannot provide this donation to other groups unfortunately and priority will be given to groups/members that support our business (since that support is how we are able to return the generosity). Please make sure to include either the non-profit number to show charity status or a letter from the school highlighting the event you are hosting. Donation requests are considered in the order they are received. We do our best to help everyone we can, but are not always able to help everyone.