Our Guarantee


While we haven’t been very good about showing it off, we have the best guarantee on our products then any other studio in our industry, World Wide. We will always replace, re-create/re-paint or refund for any manufacturer default (your choice), or for any issue that was outside of our control. We want you to be happy (and having something go wrong is never generally a happy experience), so we do what we can by offering double the value of the item in credit.

Should you not like how your item turned out and it is not a default in the item itself, no need to re-do it and spend twice the $$, we will happily help you fix it till you do like it. Options include adding more paint/glass and re-firing (bake) it again, or we can grind off or cover mistakes in multiple ways. You would be surprised how easy it can be sometimes, but it probably helps that we are experts too.

Even in the event that your item gets broken at home long after it has been created, we are always happy to help you repair or replace damaged items in any way we can. We are pretty darn good at puzzles (ie broken pottery) and gluing/patching/painting repairs. Glass is even easier to fix then pottery, as it fuses back together once put back in the kiln. Please do not hesitate to bring them in!


We will not be undersold! We try to provide the best price possible for our products because we realize its not the cheapest activity out there. We know there are other studios you could visit, so if you find a better advertised price for an item (including studio fees, since our prices don't have any extra costs) in the GTA, we will not only match it but take another 10% off! Please show us the ad, website, flyer, etc and we will honour this, no questions asked.