Choose Your Paint Colours

If you have purchased a pottery paint or clay kit from us and need to choose the colours for it, see our images below for all our current standard colour options.

Each tile in the pictures shows it painted with 3 layers (3 being the most solid the colour can be and 1 being streaky). The colour doesn't change with less coats, it only shows more or less of the white pottery through it.

Each item you have purchased includes up to 4 colours. (ie if you bought 2 mugs you get 8 colours). If you want the background colour to be white, choose 4 detail colours (since your piece is already white we will add the shiny clear coat when fired). If you want the background colour to be something else shown below, please make sure to specify in your reply email which colour is a background/main colour for every piece in your order (and for which piece it is needed).

Ie. mug 1 background is 9290, details are 2305, 27, & 13
     mug 2 background is white, details are 33, 2319, 26 & 2311

2319 This Lil' Piggy Paint Colour Chip2343 Peachy Keen Paint Colour Chip2317 Arizona Sun Paint Colour Chip2390 Sammy Salmon Paint Colour Chip

2391 Red Blaze Paint Colour Chip2392 Rockin' Red Paint Colour Chip2390 Orange Crush Paint Colour Chip2397 Tangy Tangerine Paint Colour Chip2315 What A Yolk Paint Colour Chip2301 Smiley Face Paint Colour Chip2349 Tweety Bird Paint Colour Chip2303 Lime Ricky Paint Colour Chip2325 Happy Go Lucky Paint Colour Chip2304 Green Acres Paint Colour Chip2398 Teal We Meet Again Paint Colour Chip2310 Teal Tomorrow Paint Colour Chip2323 Jumpin' Juniper Paint Colour Chip2340 Double Mint Paint Colour Chip2338 Galaxy Paint Colour Chip2306 Blue-By-U Paint Colour Chip2381 Beboppin' Blue Paint Colour Chip2396 Anchors Away Paint Colour Chip2305 Blue Heaven Paint Colour Chip2387 Pool Party Paint Colour Chip2311 The Colour Purple Paint Colour Chip2376 Bouncin' Berry Paint Colour Chip2375 Jumpin' Jelly Paint Colour Chip2366 Chocolate Moose Paint Colour Chip2328 Mocha-Chino Paint Colour Chip2371 Coffee N'Cream Paint Colour Chip2377 Pumpkin Pie Paint Colour Chip2350 Golden Retriever Paint Colour Chip2370 Nutty 4 U Paint Colour Chip2300 White Paint Colour Chip2395 Tin Man Paint Colour Chip2329 Hi Ho Silver Paint Colour Chip2314 Black Lab Paint Colour Chip

If your looking for something that has some more character to it, make sure to check out our specialty pottery glazes which resemble a more traditional pottery look. The surface is mottled, and changes based on the texture of your piece and how thick you apply it. We like to call it "art in a jar" because it created a gorgeous look with little to no effort. Ask for more details.