Specialty Paint Colours

If you have purchased a pottery paint or clay kit from us and need to choose the colours for it. If you looked through our regular colours are wanted something a bit different you have found the right place. See below all the different specialty pottery glazes we currently have available. These resemble a more traditional pottery look. The surface is mottled, and changes based on the texture of your piece and how thick you apply it. We like to call it "art in a jar" because it created a gorgeous look with little to no effort.

Please be aware that many of these colours are not recommended for food (some are but some are not), and if you wish to mix these with our regular colours there are some important tips to know. Read the details at the bottom to find out our top tips when using these.

Each item you have purchased includes up to 3 Specialty glazes including 2 main colours and 1 detail, (ie if you bought 2 mugs you would get 6 colours, 4 main colours and 2 detail). The volume will allow for approx each main colour to cover just over half the piece approx. If you would like to change the volume of each to suit your design just let us know the percentage of the piece you would like to cover with each colour. Please be sure to label it all clearly so we can prepare your kit as fast as possible. For specialty paints please list as follows:

Piece #1 :Main Colour #1 (and the percentage of the piece you wish to cover with it), Main Colour #2 (and the % of the piece you wish to cover with it), and if applicable, one Detail colour (such as the magic flow).

 9539 Lobster Fest Specialty Glaze Colour Chip9542 Darlin' Clementine Specialty Glaze Colour Chip9541 Jolly Green Specialty Glaze Colour Chip9537 Memaid Scales Specialty Glaze Colour Chip9540 Denim Daze Specialty Glaze Colour Chip9538 Plum Island Specialty Glaze Colour Chip9555 Magic Flow on Black Specialty Glaze Colour Chip

Each tile in the pictures shows it painted with 3 layers. 3 layers being the most solid the colour can be with full shine/coverage. 1-2 layers will be streaky (showing a lot of the white pottery through it), oftan matte and likely not food safe. The colour doesn't change with less coats, it only shows more or less of the white pottery through it. If you apply less than 3 layers we cannot apply a clear coat on these (like we can with our regular paints), as it will change the colours and react with them creating a very different look.

We don't recommend these for kids who will become bored or be unable to complete the proper number of layers on their own (nor do we recommend ever touching up your kids artwork, but that's a whole different conversation about confidence and how you can't ever do art wrong 🙂).

Mixing or overlapping specialty colours will likely create a whole different colour! Many (but not quite all) of these paints react to each other. If you put them side by side you won't get much of a change but overlapping them will. We suggest overlapping a minimum of between 1 to 1.5 inches depending on the size of your piece to get the best reaction result.

These colours also move in the kiln when we fire them. What we mean by that is if you were to write a name (in our regular colours or our specialty) on top of a specialty colour, it won't be legible later. The lines of your letters or design will move and resemble more of a toddler learning to write then clean precise lines. 😂

We will be adding more information/images and combination guides soon if you need some more inspiration or visual examples.

If you want to see our regular paint colours click here (or copy and paste the address to a new window if you have difficulties with the linkhttps://glazecraze.ca/pages/choose-your-paint-colours