Offering Art Kits to Create at Home with local pick up & Delivery

Brush Kits for Create At Home Art Kits

Due to a large portion of our studio brushes not being returned with our kits (thank you to those who have!!) we have unfortunately needed to change our policy so we can continue to offer our services at this time.

If you need brushes with your art kit we have 2 options:

The first is to purchase our brushes and keep them forever. We currently only have Brush Kit D (kids pack of 5 brushes) in stock but the others are on their way to us and should be available soon.

If you would prefer to rent our brushes (better quality and no cost), there is an $8 deposit, which will be returned when the brushes are brought back in the same condition they were given. Should you not return them, the deposit will go towards replacing them for studio use. Rentals include 1 small detail brush and 1 medium to large-sized brush (we will determine what is best based on the size of your project).