Offering Art Kits to Create at Home with local pick up & Delivery

No Ropes!  No Crying!  No Kumbayha!

Corporate team building events don't always have the best reputation. Its no wonder staff generally don't look fondly on them. We are here to change that!

Glaze Craze offers structured team building exercises that use collaborative art to enhance communication, inspire creativity/adaptability to change and celebrate team effort. Like your companies goals, our art projects cannot be achieved alone, it requires a group effort. The best way to get results is to make it fun, exactly what you need when you are searching for team building ideas!

After the event, the artwork will go back to your office as a reminder of the team when they were at their best. Who they were when they were collaborating, communicating, risking and trusting. We will discuss these points at the debriefing to ensure you get long-lasting results.

The best times to have a team-building event with us is:

1) With a new team

2) When your team is facing challenges (such as budget cuts?).

3) As a reward. They worked as a team, now its time to play as a team and strengthen and renew their abilities even more.

4) To shape a team. Maybe you have lost members or procedures have changed. A renewed team building event to get them back on track.

We offer a barrier-free team-building experience that has no limitations based on a person's size or ability.

*We have Temporarily Suspended our Team Building Activities as we find ways to make them work with Social Distancing. If you are interested in an event, please contact us so we can find alternatives that work for your needs.