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Egg Plate

Egg Plate

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The perfect Egg Shape Plate that can be used as an appertizer, candy, or treat dish. It also makes a great snowman (Olaf) head for the Frozen fans out there.

Purchase this as a create at-home kit or pre-purchase to paint in store once we re-open. 

8L x 6.5W

How It Works

We are currently a mobile only studio which is quite a change from our regular studio that we have had for years. It definitely is causing some questions we want to clear up.

Ordering, Paint Colours, & Kit Details

Being a mobile studio means we don't have a location that can be visited unfortunately. We can't wait to return to having a full studio again, but we just aren't there yet sadly. When checking out on our website you can choose delivery or one of our pick up locations (contactless private homes porch pick up offered through friends and family of Glaze Craze). You can expect an email shortly after purchase with details for choosing your paint colours and anything else you may need (so please make sure to include your email address when ordering, you do not need to join our email list to get this email but there are definitely benefits for doing so). 😊


Brushes are not included in the kits but you are welcome to use your own if you have them or we have some to rent or buy (renting is literally just a deposit that is returned in full when the brushes are). You can find our brush options here:

Delivery Of Your Order

Once we have your order and the paint colours/remaining details from our email we will get to work on putting your kit(s) together. We are usually able to to this the same or next day but during the summer/fall of 2023 we are in the process of preparing to re-open our physical studio and it will affect our ability to deliver kits. We will be limited delivery to every 2-3 weeks for individual kits (large group orders excluded), so if you are needing it for a specific date we suggest ordering well in advance and getting those paint details to us asap so we can get it to you on time. We know 2-3 weeks sounds like a long time to wait, but it is only an estimate so please don't hesitate to reach out and ask when our next delivery window will be to confirm iif it works for you.

Once it is ready for delivery or pick up we will send an email confirmation of either the specific address of the private home for porch pick up or when we will deliver, (usually it's immediately so if there is specific info we need to know about your address please send it with your paint details). It will include the paint instructions for your kit and what you need to know to get the best results (including what to avoid that could cause issues on the kiln when we fire it later).


Questions For Us

After you have your kit: If you have any questions or concerns while creating please don't hesitate to contact us, we miss being able to be there in person to help!

Usually the fastest way to reach us is by replying to one of our emails or contacting us through social media (Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Tiktok, etc) as we get notifications almost immediately for them. Our website contact form on the bottom right is sadly the slowest and has recently been unreliable with notifications (we are trouble shooting it currently but just a heads up) although we do always receive the messages it may not be quickly.

Once You Have Finished Creating / Firing Your Artwork

If your project needs firing, we obviously need to get it back from you. If we delivered it originally, just let us know when we can come pick it up. If you picked up from one of our porch locations you can drop it back at the same place, but please let us know before you do and when you plan to do so. We need to make sure the home owner is aware and knows to look out for it. We also ask that you please put your name as it appears on your order with the pieces (on the bag, in the bag, somewhere we can't miss it), so there is no confusing yours with someone else's should they have similar pieces at the same location (it has happened more than once).

Once we have it back we will get it in the next available kiln. We previously were able to fire more than once a week when we had our physical studio, but we have discovered it's not quite that simple as a mobile studio. With pieces taking more time to return after painting we have a very unreliable firing schedule (some weeks we get lots back, some we don't get any). We do our best to be quick, but having a partially full kiln means it may not fire evenly and it could affect the quality of your finished piece (something we take seriously as we want it to last forever) ❤️

We aim for once a week but sometimes it can take 2, and if it's a really slow time or the kiln breaks down possibly almost 3 (although rare). If you have made a gift or something you need for a specific date, we highly recommend letting us know before you place your order so we can confirm our current timing or rearrange our firing schedule to make it work (there have been very few we haven't been able to accommodate to date).

Final Delivery Of Your Artwork

Once it's out of the kiln and packaged up we will contact you again to arrange pick up/delivery the same way you initially chose again.

If you made it this far, thank you. It's definitely a bit of a novel, but we want to make sure you have proper expectations of the process so we can give the best experiance!

If you know of any way we can make this process easier or just more fun, please let us know! After 15 years we had it all figured out in studio but as a mobile studio post covid we are definitely still learning how to be the best again.

What's Included?

Included with this kit purchase:

•The chosen pottery piece


•Firing (after painting)

*Brushes are NOT Included, see button below for brush details.


As Brushes are not included with our kits, you can find everything you need for brushes here (or feel free to use your own):

Paint Colours

Paint is included with your kit. We will follow up by email to confirm your paint colours after you have purchased your kit. You can view the options we have available here:

View full details